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Choosing Your College Major

Thinking about college majors? You're at the right place! The Map of College Majors can help you explore college majors and begin to focus on majors that fit you well.

The Map of College Majors is a unique, searchable map that shows the locations of 80 popular majors. The map is based on the interests of thousands of college students. Each point on the map corresponds to the interests of actual students in that major.

The map helps you see similarities and differences between majors, based on student preferences for activities involving data, ideas, people, and things. For example, Arts majors enjoy all types of activities, but primarily those involving ideas and people. Thus Arts majors are shown in the lower-left area of the map where those activities converge.

Data Recording, verifying, transmitting, and organizing facts are examples of activities involving data.
Ideas Creating, discovering, analyzing, and interpreting are examples of activities involving ideas.
People Helping, informing, persuading, entertaining, motivating, and directing are examples of activities involving people.
Things Repairing, transporting, servicing, and producing are examples of activities involving things.

Map of College Majors


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