Why was I assigned to a test center that was not one of my original choices? Can I change this?

When you registered, the test center you chose was either full or unavailable. We assigned you to the nearest available test center, based on your original choices, that had a seat and materials for your test option.

To request a Test Center Change, log in to your ACT Web account and select "Make changes to your registration" or call ACT at 319.337.1270 by the late deadline for your test date. When you call, have your ACT ID, test date, test option, preferred test center and a valid credit card number with expiration date and security ode.

If there is room at your preferred test center for your test option, you will be assigned there and charged a Test Center Change fee.

If you miss the late deadline, you may be able to request standby testing.

For students approved to test with extended time: If you were approved, we assigned you to the nearest test center with an extended time seat. If you were approved for accommodations other than extended time, we assigned you to the nearest available center that could provide those accommodations. Please note: This test center may be different than the one listed on the standard time admission ticket you received when you registered. If it is, you must log into your ACT Web account and reprint your admission ticket.

See current ACT fees.