I don't think my test was scored correctly. Can I have it hand-scored?

You can ask ACT to hand-score your multiple-choice responses and/or rescore your writing test essay. Requests for hand-scoring must be made in writing within three months of receiving your scores. Submit your request in writing to:

ACT Student Services
P.O. Box 414
Iowa City, IA 52243-0414

Include your name as given at the time of testing, address and date of birth, plus ACT ID, test date (month and year), and test location from your score report. Enclose a check payable to ACT Student Services for the applicable fee:

  • $50.00 multiple-choice tests
  • $50.00 writing test essay
  • $100.00 both the multiple-choice tests and writing test essay

ACT will inform you by letter of the results of the hand-scoring about three to five weeks after receiving your request. The letter will inform you whether the scores originally reported have been confirmed or not. If a scoring error is discovered, your scores will be changed and corrected reports will be released to you and all previous score recipients at no charge. In addition, your hand-scoring fee will be refunded.

You may also request to be present for a hand-scoring of your multiple-choice responses—without access to the test questions—at an ACT-designated location.  Additional fees will apply.