What if I want my scores sent somewhere, but don't remember when I took the ACT?

Most people take the ACT during their junior or senior year of high school. If you can give us an approximate test year, we can check a range of years in our records for you.

If you think you tested sometime between September 2013 to the present, you may use the score report inquiry form.

There is a $22.00 nonrefundable archived scores fee for ACT to search for scores prior to September 2013. This fee will be charged for each report requested—whether or not scores are located. A valid credit card is required to pay this fee and the additional service fee for phone requests. Please see costs and delivery options for more details.

When submitting requests, please include your name as given at the time you tested, ACT ID from your score report, date of birth, and your best guess of the test year.

Visit this page to send us an email:  www.actstudent.org/email.  You may also call us at 319.337.1270 or write to:

P.O. Box 451
Iowa City, IA 52243-0451