Why do I need to bring my ACT ticket?

You will NOT be admitted to test without a printed copy of your ticket and acceptable photo identification

Do not try to present a ticket for a different test date or a different test center on test day.  It will not be accepted. 

Your ticket also includes a box of Matching Information. During testing your supervisor will instruct you to copy this information exactly as it appears, even if incorrect, into the corresponding blocks on your answer document. If you do not copy the Matching Information from your ticket exactly, your scores will be delayed, possibly up to 8 weeks, and your score reports may not reach the colleges you selected in time to meet their application deadlines.

Note: Your ticket also contains helpful information such as the time, test date, and test center where you are to report.  It may also include messages specific to your test center, such as where to park or which building or entrance to use.  Please read your ticket carefully prior to test day.