Sources of Financial Aid

Sources of financial assistance include:

  • the federal government
  • state agencies
  • professional and service organizations
  • private foundations
  • individual postsecondary schools

State programs

To learn more about the financial aid programs in your state and any additional application requirements, contact the state financial aid agency. Your local high school counselor may also have information about state programs.

State programs may include:

  • scholarships
  • grants
  • work
  • state loans
  • tuition assistance

Other programs

While most student aid comes from federal and state programs, these are not the only sources. There are also institutional, community, and foundation and corporate programs. To find out more information about these options, contact college financial aid offices, your high school counselor, the human resources office of your parents' employers, or someone at the public or school library.

Students looking at books

The cost of education includes:

  • tuition and fees
  • room and board
  • books and supplies
  • transportation
  • other personal expenses