Test Center Locations, Dates, and Codes

United States, the US Territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada

September 2015 – June 2016

To find a test center's scheduled test dates, choose its state, territory, or province. You can narrow your search by typing in part or all of the city or test center name. Test centers are listed under the actual city name, not metropolitan area.

Look up a test center in another country.

If your territory or province is not listed, no test centers are scheduled there for any test date. Consider trying to test at a center in another territory or province. If you cannot locate a test center within 75 miles of your home or within reasonable traveling distance, you may need to request Arranged Testing (PDF; 3 pages).

Search Tips

  • Try abbreviations
    (example: JFK or John F Kennedy)
  • Do not use punctuation.
  • Try only one word first.
  • Use 'univ' for universities.
  • Use 'sch' for schools.