Services for Students with Disabilities

National Standard Time with Accommodations

Request this only if you can test at a regularly scheduled national test center under standard time limits and use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt.) test booklet, but require other accommodations due to your disability. All scores achieved through National Testing are reported as "National." No details about any accommodations provided are reported.

Examples include:

  • assignment to a wheelchair-accessible room
  • large type test booklet (18-pt.)
  • marking responses in the test booklet
  • permission for diabetics to eat snacks in the test room

And for students with hearing impairments:

  • seating near the front of the room to lip-read spoken instructions
  • sign language interpreter (not a relative) to sign spoken instructions (not test items)
  • printed copy of spoken instructions with visual notification of start, time remaining, and stop times

You must register for your preferred test date by the registration deadline. If you register online, print a copy of your admission ticket and mail it along with all of the following information in a written request. If you register by mail, include all of the following information in a written request with your completed registration folder and payment.

  • Your name, mailing address, and phone number.
  • The test option and test date you are requesting.
  • The name, city, state, and 6-digit code for each of the test center choices you requested when you registered online or marked in Block N of your registration folder.
  • Explain your disability and clearly state the accommodations you are requesting with enough detail so we can make arrangements with the test center.
  • Enclose written documentation from your school describing in detail the accommodations you normally receive in school.
  • The name and phone number of a school official familiar with your current test accommodations.

Send all materials to ACT, Attn: National Standard Time with Accommodations, PO Box 168, Iowa City, IA,  52243-0168, postmarked by the registration deadline for your preferred test date. Requests postmarked after the regular deadline, but received by the late deadline, will be processed. Forms received after the late deadline will be processed for the next test date.

Note: In order to provide the approved accommodations, ACT may not be able to assign you to the test center shown on your admission ticket. If this happens, you will need to print a new admission ticket from your ACT Web account.

If you want to test again with the same previously approved accommodations, you may re-register through your ACT Web account or by calling 319.337.1270 (phone fee applies).

Because advance arrangements are necessary, students trying to test standby cannot request accommodations.

If necessary, ACT will contact you or your high school for additional information. If accommodations are approved, ACT will make arrangements for you with the test center.

Application for ACT National Standard Time Testing with Accommodations

Request for ACT National Standard Time Testing with Accommodations
(2 pages)

Students applying for the first time may register online in addition to submitting the application.