Services for Students with Disabilities

National Extended Time (50% time extension)

Request this only if you can test at a regularly scheduled national test center and use either a regular type (10-pt.) or large type (18-pt.) test booklet, but require up to 50% more time due to your disability.

If approved, you will be allowed up to 5 hours total to work on the multiple-choice tests at your own pace. If you are taking the ACT Plus Writing, you will be allowed 5 hours and 45 minutes total to work on all five tests.

To apply for this form of testing for the first time, you and a school official must complete and sign the Application for ACT Extended Time National Testing. The application explains the eligibility criteria, documentation required, registration deadlines, and how to request a test date change or re-register if you were previously approved.

Your application cannot be approved without all required supporting documentation.

You must first submit a registration for your preferred test date according to the instructions for your registration method:

  1. Register online: Print a copy of the standard time admission ticket and send it with your application. If you are approved, we will assign you to the nearest available center with an extended time seat. We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to the center on your standard time admission ticket. You will receive an e-mail prompting you to print the new admission ticket for extended time.
  2. Register by mail: Return the application with your completed registration folder and your fee payment in any 9 x 12 envelope.

Send all materials to the address shown on the extended time application, using the label on page 1, postmarked by the registration deadline for your preferred test date. Forms postmarked after the regular deadline, but received by the late deadline, will be processed.  Forms received after the late deadline will be processed for the next test date.

If you are approved, you will be assigned to an extended time room (usually 10 or fewer examinees), and "Extended Time" will be printed on your admission ticket. If you are not approved, you will be notified in writing. If you registered online, you will still be registered to test with standard time at the test center on your admission ticket. If you registered by mail, you will be automatically assigned to a standard time room. If you do not submit your application and all required documentation with a registration folder or admission ticket postmarked by the deadline, you will only be allowed to test with standard time on test day.

If you are not approved, and therefore decide not to test, you may be eligible for a refund.

Students requesting standby testing cannot test with extended time on test day, even if previously approved.

If necessary, ACT will contact you or your high school for additional information. We encourage you to apply as early as possible for the best chance of being assigned to your preferred test center.

See the testing comparison chart to review the requirements and features of National Extended Time and Special Testing (at school) to decide which form of testing is most appropriate for you.

Application for ACT Extended Time National Testing

Request for ACT Extended Time National Testing
(5 pages)

Students applying for the first time may register online in addition to submitting the application.