Special Testing (at school)

Extended Time and Alternate Test Formats Available

Special Testing is designed for students who:

  • normally use more than time-and-a-half for tests (or use extended time only on writing tests) in school, or
  • require testing over multiple days, or
  • normally use alternate test formats such as braille, DVDs, or a reader; or a computer or scribe for essays, and/or alternate response modes, (such as responding orally) or
  • are testing at an international test center and cannot use a regular type (10-point) booklet or test with standard time limits, or need accommodations the test center cannot provide.

If you can test with time-and-a-half and paper formats, you should apply for National Extended Time instead.

Note: If ACT approves you for accommodations that can be provided at a national test center, your application will be automatically transferred to National Testing. We will assign you to test on the next available test date at the nearest available test center that can provide the approved accommodations. We will send you notification of the transfer and provide information about steps to complete the process so you can obtain your admission ticket. To request Special Testing, do not complete a registration folder or register on the Web. Instead, ask your counselor or qualified school official to complete and submit the Request for ACT Special Testing for you.

The request form explains the eligibility criteria, documentation required, testing schedules, submission deadlines, and retest restrictions.

Special Testing (at school) for both ACT and ACT with writing is available only during the designated three-week testing windows listed on the request form.

Note: At locations outside the US or Canada, Special Testing (at school) is not available during the February window.

See the testing comparison chart to review the requirements and features of Special Testing and National Extended Time to decide which form of testing is most appropriate for you.

Request for ACT Special Testing

Download Request for ACT Special Testing (6 pages).

Download Preparing for the ACT Special Testing (32 pages).
A FREE booklet for students preparing to take the ACT Special Testing.

Use this order form to request free practice tests in alternate formats
Alternate Format Practice Tests Order Form (1 page)


For Counselors Planning to Test Students with Audio DVDs

DVD Usage Instructions (PDF; 4 pages)