Signing Up with a State Voucher

Colorado and Tennessee provide vouchers distributed through the schools to cover the basic registration or special testing fee for the ACT (No Writing).

The following procedures apply:

  • This voucher covers the regular registration fee for the ACT (No Writing)—$38.00—including reports to your high school and up to four colleges (if you provide valid codes when you register).
  • This voucher may not be used to pay any of the following fees: the late registration fee, additional college choices, other services, test date or test center changes, or the standby fee.
  • If you wish to take the ACT Plus Writing, you must pay the additional $16.50 fee.
  • You may submit a voucher for only one test date.
  • The voucher is used once you register or request standby testing even if you do not test on the requested test date.


  • If registering on the web, enter the serial number from the top-right corner of the voucher on the payment screen, and then follow the directions on the screen to “apply” the voucher to validate it. (If you select any additional services or register during the late period, enter a credit card to pay those additional fees.) Finally, you must click “Submit” to complete your registration.
  • If registering by mail, enter the serial number from the top-right corner of the voucher in Block W of the registration folder. You must return the completed and signed voucher with your completed registration folder.
  • If requesting Special Testing, return the completed and signed voucher with your completed Request for ACT Special Testing.


In compliance with the appropriate legislation, grade 11 public school students attending an online high school will take the ACT (No Writing) on either the February or April national test date at state expense. Eligible students will receive a voucher from their school counselor to submit as payment for the basic registration fee. The voucher may not be used to register for any other test dates. By using this voucher as payment, the student authorizes ACT to report his or her test scores to the high school and to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). This voucher is valid ONLY when submitted as payment WITH a registration. For more information, students should check with a high school counselor.


Students enrolled in Tennessee public high schools may be eligible for a state-funded voucher to pay the basic ACT registration fee for the ACT (No Writing) on any 2014–2015 National Test Date according to the following criteria:

  • The voucher is intended primarily for grade 12 students who did not participate in the ACT Tennessee State Testing as 11th graders and did not previously register with a Tennessee voucher.
  • Grade 11 students will have the opportunity to take a state-funded ACT in school through ACT Tennessee State Testing in spring 2015. Most grade 11 students will not use a voucher.

Students may not request a voucher from the State or ACT. They must check directly with their high school counselor for information. Public schools in Tennessee will receive a mailing in the summer that includes all information and procedures for using this voucher.