Testing Disruptions or Compromises

These remedies are the exclusive remedies available to examinees affected by disruptions or compromises in the testing process.

ACT takes steps that are intended to ensure standardized test administration. If events occur that:

  • cause testing at a test center to be cancelled or interrupted
  • involve a mistiming
  • result in a deviation from standard testing procedures
  • raise concerns about possible advance access to test content by any examinee(s)
  • or otherwise disrupt or compromise the testing process

ACT will examine the situation and determine whether action is warranted, including nonscoring of answer documents or cancellation of scores.

If ACT, in its sole discretion, determines action is warranted, each affected examinee will be offered the option to retest at no additional fee (normally on a future national test date). If the examinee chooses not to retest and the answer document is not scored or scores are cancelled, the examinee may request a refund of the test fee instead. If ACT offers a retest and an examinee selects that option, the examinee must retake all four multiple-choice tests to produce a valid Composite score. If the Writing Test was taken on the original test date, the examinee must retake the Writing Test in addition to the four multiple-choice tests to produce a valid Combined English/Writing score.