Requesting a Copy of Your Test Questions and Answers

If you order and pay for a Test Information Release (TIR) during the registration process and test at a national test center on a national test date that offers this service, you will receive a copy of the multiple-choice test questions used to determine your score, a list of your answers, and the answer key. (If you took the writing test, you will also receive a copy of the writing prompt, the scoring rubric, and the scores assigned to your essay by two readers.) Information about ordering a photocopy of your answer document (including your essay if you took the writing test) for an additional fee will be included with your materials.

See current ACT fees for details about additional fees. 

Which test dates offer this service?

If you took the ACT at a national test center on one of the national test dates listed below, you can order a TIR when you register, or during the three-month period after your test date. This service is not offered on any other test dates or for any non-national administrations (for example, International, Special).

2015–2016 Saturday National Testing

  • Saturday, December 12, 2015
  • Saturday, April 9, 2016
  • Saturday, June 11, 2016

2015–2016 Non-Saturday National Testing

  • Thursday through Friday, April 7-8, 2016
  • Sunday through Monday, April 10-11, 2016

Non-Saturday testing is available only for students who cannot test on a Saturday because of religious convictions.

If for any reason we have to replace the test version scheduled for use at your test center or reschedule the administration, this offer becomes void, and we will refund your fee for this service. If you order and pay for this service when you register and test on an ineligible test date, we will automatically refund this fee.

If you would like to order a TIR during the three-month period after your test date, you should use the Test Information Release Order Form (PDF; 1 page).

Your request must be postmarked no later than three months after the test date.

Materials are normally mailed about four weeks after you receive your score report. You cannot expect to receive them before the registration deadline or in time to study for the next test date.

All orders received after score reports are first issued will be mailed three to five weeks after receipt at ACT.