Send Your Scores to Others

You can have your ACT scores sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies after you test in addition to the ones you selected when you registered or tested. Requests are processed AFTER your tests have been scored and all scores for your test option—ACT or ACT with writing—are ready.

See delivery options and costs for sending your scores.

Ordering options

  • Online request—Create or log in to your ACT Web account. You must pay by valid credit card.
  • Telephone service
    You must pay with by valid credit card. This service is for priority reports only, which can be sent only within the U.S. There is an additional $15.00 fee for each request made by phone.

Read these tips for requesting scores be sent to others.

NOTEThis service is available for anyone who has tested after October 1, 1966.
However, this service is not available for Residual Testing administered by colleges.

Log in to Send Your Scores

To send scores from a past test date to colleges, you'll need to log in. View the tutorial.

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