Telephone Requests

Priority reports can be sent only within the U.S.

As soon as your scores have been added to our files, you may order additional reports with a valid credit card by telephone for an additional $15.00 telephone service fee.

Before you call

  • Fill out our phone order worksheet, which indicates the information you will be required to provide and have it available when you call.
  • Have your valid credit card with expiration date available so you can provide the information we need to process your payment.




  • Your tests will NOT be scored faster by requesting a priority report.
  • In order to keep your scores confidential, they will not be given to anyone by telephone, email, chat, or fax.
  • If all of the scores for your test option—ACT or ACT with writing—have been added to our files, you can request up to eight priority reports per day (no regular reports) when you order by phone.
  • Once you've made your request, it cannot be canceled or changed.

You may also request score reports online if you have a student Web account.