Reading Test Description

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The reading test is a 40-question, 35-minute test that measures your reading comprehension. The test questions ask you to derive meaning from several texts by:

  • referring to what is explicitly stated
  • reasoning to determine implicit meaning

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Specifically, questions will ask you to use referring and reasoning skills to:

  • determine main ideas
  • locate and interpret significant details
  • understand sequences of events
  • make comparisons
  • comprehend cause-effect relationships
  • determine the meaning of context-dependent words, phrases, and statements
  • draw generalizations
  • analyze the author's or narrator's voice and method

The test comprises four sections, each containing one long or two shorter prose passages that are representative of the level and kinds of text commonly encountered in first-year college curricula. Passages on topics in social studies, natural sciences, literary narrative (including prose fiction), and the humanities are included.

NOTEEach passage is accompanied by a set of multiple-choice test questions. These questions do not test the rote recall of facts from outside the passage, isolated vocabulary items, or rules of formal logic. In sections that contain two short passages, some of the questions involve both of the passages in the section. 

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