The ACT with writing

The ACT writing test is a 40-minute essay test that measures your writing skills. Read a description of the writing test.

The ACT with writing is available on all six national test dates in the US, US territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada, on five international test dates in other locations, and for Special or Arranged Testing during six designated three-week testing windows (five if testing outside the US, US territories, Puerto Rico, or Canada.).

Some colleges require the writing test; others do not. You should decide whether or not to take the writing test based on the requirements of the colleges you are applying to or considering.

Search Writing Test Requirements by College

The College Writing Test Requirements Search Tool can help you determine which colleges require the writing test. You may also check directly with the colleges you are considering to find out their requirements, or ask your high school counselor which test option you should take.

Most colleges will accept scores from the writing test even if they do not require it.

See current ACT fees for the cost of the ACT with writing.

In September 2015 ACT introduced enhancements to the writing test.
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